OLD HSEB Model Question for Marketing 2068 (2011) Grade XII (12)

OLD HSEB Model Question 2068


Subject: Marketing | Class: 12 | F.M.: 80 | P.M.: 32

Group A

Brief answer questions

Attempt all the questions. [1×10=10]

  1. Point out the major components of marketing mix.
  2. Identify any two important contributions of marketing to the marketer.
  3. Identify any three characteristics of Nepalese market.
  4. Point out any two strengths and two weaknesses of air transport.
  5. What do you understand by institutional buyers?
  6. Point out any four branding a product by the market.
  7. What is the difference between quantity discount and trade discount?
  8. Point out any two functions of a retailer and any two functions of a wholesaler.
  9. What is sales promotion? Pont out any three types of consumer promotion technique.
  10. Identify any two advantages of televised marketing and two demerits of telemarketing.

Group B

Short answer questions.

Attempt any five questions. [5×8=40]

11. Explain briefly the evolution of marketing.

12. What is buying motive? Explain on any two types of buying motive.

13 What is water transport? Why is it important to a landlocked country like Nepal? Explain briefly.

14. Differentiate consumer products from industrial products.

15. Explain the channels of distribution for consumer goods.

16. What is display advertising? What are its benefits to the marketers? Explain briefly.

17. What is buying? Explain the elements of buying.

18. “All trade marks are brands but all brands are not trade mark”. Comment.

Group C

Comprehensive Answer Questions.

Attempt any Two questions. [2×15=30]

19. Identify the various concepts of marketing with short introduction and differentiate the modern marketing concept from societal marketing concept.

20. What is labeling? Explain its types and functions. Also justify its importance to the consumers.

21. What is personal selling? Identify the various types of salesperson. Also explain any four essential qualities of a good salesperson.

22. Who is wholesaler? What are its features? Discuss the role of wholesaler in to distribution channel.

23. What is channel distribution? Discuss the channel structure for consumer product and industrial product.

24. What do you mean by buying motive? Discuss its classifications.

Note: all these questions are copied here from the third party management students are requested to take this information at their own way.

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