Old English Literature – Major English | Grade XI

Old English Literature – Major English | Grade XI

Old English Literature (Angles, Saxon)

The three Germanic tribes the Angles, Jutesand Saxons came to England during 400s and 500s A.D. They established powerful kingdom there. This three tribes are together called Angle Saxons. They used there Language and Literature. So the old English Literature is also called Angle Saxons literature. Old English is difficult to understand this days. Most of the English Literary works-have been trans in to modern English. The period from 450-1066 from the period of Old English Literature. Both poetry and prose Old English Literature were written during this period.

The special lectures poetry of Old English Literature are as follow:

  • Poetry giorified a real or imaginary hero.
  • Poets used alliteration and internal rhymes in their works.
  • Poetry contained a story inside it.
  • The first Major work of English Literature is Beowulf.
  • The poet wrote about the Lives and hard ships of saints.
  • Cynewulf was the Leading poet of the time.
  • Some poems of Old English Literature are the fates of the Apostles, Elene and Juliana.

Middle English Poetry

Middle English Literature was the mixture of Latin, French, Old English and other local languages. Geoffrey Chaucer greatest poet of the middle English period. He is the father of the English poetry. His best work the Canterbury Tales is a collection of comic and moral stories, it is in about 1700 lines. A party of 30 pilgrims including the Author agree to tell two stories on the way Canterbury and other two on the way back the pilgrims are the merchant the Lower, the ploughman etc. his other famous are Troylus and Crysed. The legend of good women. William Langland used the old. Alliterative verse in his work in the vision of piers the ploughman.

The sorrows of poor are describe in the book. Other poems of the mediaval period are ‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’, ‘Pearl’, ‘Patient’ etc. Chaucer appeared with a new trained in poetry. He use real characters and alliteration in his poetry ‘The Canterbury Tales’ in alliterative form. But Langland used the imaginary character but he was a revolutionary.

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