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Summary of Nightmare Life without fuel and important exam Questions.

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Summary of nightmare life witout fuel

Summary :The essay ” The Nightmare Life without fuel” Is written by the Russian writer Isaac Asimov. His concerns are about the fuel shortage in the present world. He has given us the instances from America about how the fuel storage  directly or indirectly relates to human life and its adverse impacts. The writer kindly advises us to preserve the existing natural resources  that gives us the enormous fuel to sustain life. The essay “The Nightmare Life without fuel” Originally published in the Time magazine in 1977, portrays America in the late 199s, Where the existing fuel resources have reduced this developed and rich nation to miserable condition of dark and dirty replica of the pre-industrial 1800s. America is just a small example to show how Dwindling fuel resources have been reducing. The central essence of this essay is considerable that the worst condition may come if we do not preserve the natural resources of the world.

The writer Describes The terrific situation in the urban areas of America where people are wandering here and there for the fuel and energy. people gather in the  subways where the bus is already left and bicycles are splashed on the muddy water, which indicates in life due to shortage of fuel. Coal is difficult to get by digging and nuclear fusion is very risky and then the solar batteries are very costly. The stuff of the decaying city should be the minerals mines to use again.

There are several adverse impacts on human life due to fuel shortage; but the writer says that this kind of shortage  would be beneficial to some extent Automobiles are vanished and become the metal resources, likewise the ration system also will decrease. According to the writer, There are reports from the system also will decrease. According to the writer, there are reports from the news paper in 1997 that the environment becomes cleaner, crime rates are reduced and police man are back to their beats. The streets are deserted and legs of the people become superior in the street. people do not consume the expensive electricity; They are deprived of modern facilities, For them open air is the air condition and home made sweaters are more popular indoor wear.


The people in the city feel comfort rather than peoples in suburbs. Energy crisis is the vital problem for the city dwellers. The nation should find the alternative source of energy to soothe the growing population. The condition out side USA and Europe is even worse and the people do not have sufficient food stuff to eat; only about one in five has enough food to eat. Rest of people would die of starvation. But the writer stats the starvation reduces the world’s population and more than two billion people suffer from brain damage due to less nutritious food. The fuel Resources are limited, so it has great impact on the human life. The energy crisis is continued and as a result, The world countries would not not afford their cost, keep their solders for the long time and unable to feed their people properly. Because of fuel shortage, The electricity is not possible , The people will Deprive of watching TV, Movie and reading books and (natural fuel produced by decomposition of organic ) will workout.

The Agricultural System will also be destroyed, the new technologies now will be halted due to fuel crisis and farmer cannot produce enough crops to sustain people’s life . As a result more people will die of starvation. To cope with situation, We had to take step to improve 50 years ago, and then it would have been better to cope with crisis.


Short answer Questions:

2069 Qno1. According to the author, what will be the advantages of fuel Crisis? Explain
2067 Qno2. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of fuel crisis?
2065 Qno3. Drawing the ideas from the Nightmare life without furl” and using your own discuss  what will happen if the fuel resources of the world are finished.
2063 Qno4. What specific problem Does Asimov Focus on his essay ” the nightmare Life Without Fuel”?
2057 Qno5. What will happen if we do not conserve the world’s natural resources?
2056 Qno6. Describe what writer thinks will happen in the future.


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