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Class: 11 || Subject: Hotel Management

Chapter-3 Front Office Department

Short answer questions

  1. Explain the procedure of guest check-out. [5]
  2. List the information to be provided to the guests about hotel facilities and services. [5]
  3. Explain Room Plan. [2.5]
  4. Write the job description of receptionist. [5]
  5. Write the procedure of guest check in. [5]
  6. What are importance of organization chart? Explain. [5]
  7. What are section with front office? Explain. [5]
  8. Explain the check in process of hotel guest. [5]
  9. Discuss the importance of organization chart. [5]
  10. Explain the following sundry serices:[5]

i. Paging

ii. Message

11. List the duties and responsibilities of room maid. [5]

12. Explain the essential quality attributes of Front Office Staffs. [5]

13 List and explain the various types of room plan. [5]

14. List and explain the various attributes essential for front office personnel. [5]

15. What are the steps oto be followed in guest check out procedures? Explain. [5]

16. What are thejob responsibilities of room attendant? Epxlain. [5]

17. Explain in brief about the functions of front office department. [5]

18. How is the check in process carried out? Explain. [5]

19. Write the job description of receptionist. [5]

20 Explain the following syndry services. [5]

21. What are the various sections within a front office department? Illustrate with the chart. [5]

22. Explain the Registration. [5]

23. Draw a sample of guest registration card and eplain the important of registration. [5]

24. Enlist check in and check out procedures of a guest in a large hotel. [5]

25. Explain the front office. [5]

26. Draw a neat format of an ‘Errand Card’ and explain its importance and uses. [5]

27. Define the front office. [2]

28.  Explain the tyeps of rooms and its description. [5]

29. Explain the Basis of changing room rates. [5]

30. Define the Skippers. [5]

31. Explain the registration procedure. [5]

32. Define the Briefing. [5]

Long answer questions

33. Explain guest registration card, its types and importance with the help of neat specimen. [2+3+3+2]

34. Explain the sequential procedure of check in and check out of the guest. [5+5]

35. Explain check in and check out procedures step by step. [5+5]

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