NEB || Important question paper of The Magic of Word Class 11

Class: 11 || Subject: Compulsory English (The Magic of Words)

Lesson-1 Stories of The Supernatural

Compulsory English, Magic, Word

The Recurring Dream: A Story from England

Short answer questions

  1. How does Janet help her friend Kim when she was troubled by the ghost in her dream? [5]
  2. Why does Janet want to take Kim to her parent’s farm for a few days? [5]
  3. How did Janet Wilson help her friend Kim when she was troubled by the ghost? [5]
  4. What do you think is the reason some people have recurring dreams? [5]
  5. What is Kim’s recurring dream about? Discuss it in brief. [5]
  6. Describe the man Kim sees in the house. [5]
  7. What does the little, old man do when he sees Kim at the door? [5]
  8. Why do some people have recurring dreams? Give your opinion. [5]

Long answer questions

  1. Summaries the story of “The Recurring Dream” in your own words. [10]
  2. What sort of dream does Kimberly have every night? Describe it briefly. [10]
  3. Describe the mysterious dream Kimberly Clark has. [10]
  4. Summarize the story “The Recurring Dream”. [10]
  5. Write about an interesting dream you saw recently. What is the special meaning of your dream? [10]
  6. Do dreams have any connection to our real life? Discuss your personal vies. Also relate to the story “The Recurring Dream”. [10]
  7. Write about a dream that you have seen recently. [10]

The Lost Doll: Story from Columbia

Short answer questions

  1. Why did Rosa Soto give her daughter’s clothes and playthings to a priest from another village? [5]
  2. What evidence is there in the story to show that Carmen and Evangelina were alike? [5]
  3. Rosa said to her husband, “False hope is not good”. When does hope become false? [5]
  4. Make a comparison between Roberto and Rosa Soto. [5]
  5. What evidences are there in the story to show that the Soto family was poor? [5]
  6. In what ways were Maria del Carmen and Evangelina alike? [5]

Long answer questions

  1. Rewrite the story of “The Lost Doll” in your own words. [10]
  2. Describe the situation of Roberto Soto’s family after the death of Maria del Carmen. [10]
  3. Describe the grief of Roberto and his wife at the tragic death of their daughter Carmen. [10]
  4. Summaries the story of “The Lost Doll” in your own words. [10]

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