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NEB || Important question paper of Hotel Management Class 11 || Chapter4

NEB || Important question paper of Hotel Management Class 11 || Chapter4

Class: 11 || Subject: Hotel Management-I || Chapter-4 Housekeeping

Short answer questions

  1. Explain the social skills essential for F & B service personal. [5]
  2. Prepare a lost & found format used in housekeeping. [5]
  3. Discuss the quality attributes of housekeeping department. [5]
  4. Define par stock and discuss its importance. [5]
  5. Draw an organizational chart of food and beverage department. [5]
  6. Make a neat organizational hart of food and beverage service department. [5]
  7. Make the organization chart of a large hotel. [5]
  8. Describe the duties and responsibilities of a room attendant. [5]
  9. What is role of housekeeping department in a hotel? Explain. [5]
  10. Write down the duties and responsibilities of room maid. [5]
  11. Discuss procedure in case of death in a hotel. [5]
  12. Briefly explain the coordinating departments of housekeeping. [5]
  13. Write the job description of a Floor Supervisor. [5]
  14. Explain lost and found and its procedures. [5]
  15. Explain the following Types of Keys. [5]
  16. Explain the functions of housekeeping. [5]
  17. Explain Any 10 guests room supplies. [5]
  18. Write short notes on lost and found. [5]
  19. Write short notes on types of rooms. [2]
  20. Write short notes on linen. [2]
  21. Write down various types of housekeeping sections provided for the activities of the department. [5]
  22. Sketch an organization chart of housekeeping department and explain duties of a room attendant. [5]
  23. Explain the Lien. [5]
  24. Explain the Guestroom supplies. [5]
  25. Illustrate an organization chart of a housekeeping department with duties and responsibilities of ‘Executive Housekeeper’. [5]
  26. Explain the Uniform and upkeep. [5]
  27. Define the Dressing. [5]
  28. Make a list of 10 contents and supplies kept in the guestroom by housekeeping. [5]

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Long answer questions

  1. Make a neat organization chart of food and beverage service department and explain the job description of caption. [5+5]
  2. List the various outlets of F & B service and explain their functions in brief. [2+8]
  3. What are types of keys used in hotels? Explain their controlling system. [10]
  4. Describe linen and uniform and explain its handling and controlling procedure. [4+3+3]
  5. Make a neat layout of standard guestroom and list its content and supplies. [3+7]
  6. What is lost and found? How are they handled and controlled? [3+7]
  7. List the outlets of food and beverage in a hotel and explain their functions. [10]
  8. Discuss the hospitality knowledge, skill and attitude of F & B service staff. [10]
  9. Define linen and uniform. Explain its types and control procedure. [10]
  10. Explain the co-ordination and relation of housekeeping department with other departments of a hotel. [10]
  11. Define linens and uniform used in hotel and explain their inventory and control system. [7+3]
  12. Explain the following handling situations: (a) Lost and found (b) Death of a guest. [10]
  13. Make a neat organization chart showing various section of a Housekeeping department. [10]
  14. Write the job description of a room maid. [10]

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