Financial Assets, Finance

Class: 11 || Subject: Elements of Finance-I

Unit-4 Financial Assets

Theoretical Questions

  1. List out the instruments of financial assets. [5]
  2. Write about the role of financial institution in financial market. [5]
  3. What is bond? Write the features of bond. [5]
  4. Write in brief the characteristics of financial assets. [5]
  5. Write about different types of Bonds. [5]
  6. What do you understand by financial assets? Enumerate the different types of government securities. [2+3]
  7. On the basis of Issuer, describe various types of instruments of financial assets. [5]
  8. Write the meaning of real and financial assets. Mention any two differences between real and financial assets. [3+2]
  9. What do you mean by Tele-banking instruments? State its any three features. [2+3]
  10. Differentiate between long term and short and short securities with their meaning. [5]
  11. Differentiate between real assets and financial assets. [5]
  12. Differentiate between common stock and bond. [5]
  13. What do you understand by financial assets? Enumerate its characteristics. [5]

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Numerical Problems

  1. The capital and liabilities of a company are as under:

Creditors Rs. 2,50,000

Bill payable Rs. 3,00,000

10% Debenture Rs. 3,00,000

Common Shares of Rs. 1,000 each; Authorized capital 10,000 shares, issued 7000 shares

Retained earnings Rs. 1,00,000


i. Book value per share

ii. Book value per share if the remaining shares are issued

Ans: i. Rs. 114.29 ii. Rs. 110

15. The balance sheet of a company at the end of Chaitra 2072 is given below:

Rs. Rs.
Current assets 8,00,000 Account payable 2,50,000
Fixed assets 24,00,000 Notes payable 1,50,000
Long term debt 5,00,000
Common shares (Authorized 30,000 shares, Issued 20,000 shares) 20,00,000
Share premium 2,00,000
Retained earnings 1,00,000
Total assets Rs.32,00,000 Total Liabilities & Equity Rs. 32,00,000


a. Book value per share

b. If remaining authorized shares were sold at Rs. 125 per share, calculate the book value per share.

Ans: a. Rs. 115 b. 118.33

16. Following information are provided:

Common stock, Rs. 100 per value Rs. 6,00,000

Share premium Rs. 2,00,000

Retained earnings Rs. 4,00,000

Common equity Rs. 12,00,000

Less treasury stock, 1,000 shares Rs. 1,50,000

Net common equity Rs. 10,50,000


i. Number of shares outstanding

ii. Book value per share

Ans: i. 4,500 shares ii. 233.33

17. The liabilities side of balance sheet of Koshi Metal Company consists of the following:

Account payable Rs. 1,00,000

Notes payable Rs. 2,00,000

Long term debt Rs. 3,00,000

Common stock (50,000 shares authorised, 25,000 shares outstanding)

Retained earnings Rs. 4,00,000

Total liabilities and equity Rs. 15,00,000

Required: Calculate:

i. The book value per share of Co.’s common stock?

ii Suppose the Co. show the remaining authorized shares and netted Rs. 30 per share from the sale. What would be the new book value per shares?

Ans: i. Rs. 36 ii. Rs. 33

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