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NEB || Important question paper of Computer Science Class 11

Class: 11 || Subject: Computer Science

Computer Science, Computer, Operating System

Chapter-6 Operating System

Long answer questions

  1. Define operating system. Explain the major function of operating system with example of window based operating system. [4+6]
  2. What is operating system? Write its role. Explain any three functions of OS. [2+2+6]
  3. What are the primary objectives of operating system? Describe any four functions of operating system. [2+8]
  4. What is OS? Explain any four functions of OS. [2+8]
  5. What is operating system? Explain any four types of operating system. [2+8]
  6. What is operating system? Explain the types of operating systems based on processes. [2+8]
  7. What is an Operating system? Describe GUI and CUI based operating systems with merits and demerits. [2+8]
  8. Explain the importance of an operating system. Differentiate between GUI (Graphical User Interface) and CUI (Character User Interface) operating system with examples. [6+6]
  9. What do you mean by system software and application software? Explain any five areas of computer applications. [5+7.5]
  10. What is an operating system (OS)? Explain why GUI is more popular than text based OS. [12.5]
  11. “An operating system is an interface between human operates and an application software”. Justify this statement with examples of operating systems known to you. [12.5]

Short answer questions

  1. List out the name of operating system. What are the main feature of GUI based operating system? [2+3]
  2. Differentiate between GUI and CUI. [2+3]
  3. Describe the terms ‘Operator’, ‘ Operand’ and ‘Operation’ with suitable examples. [5]
  4. What is booting? Describe the types of computer booting. [1+4]
  5. What is software? Why graphical user interface (GUI) operating system is more popular than character user interface (CUI) operating system? Justify. [2+3]
  6. What do you mean by data sequencing? Differentiate between random access and sequential access. [5]
  7. Distinguish between batch processing of on-line processing. [5]
  8. Discuss about the advantage of GUI operating system (MS Windows) over Text based operating system (DOS). [5]
  9. Distinguish between on-line and real time processing. What application would you suggest appropriate of real time processing? [5]

Write short notes on:

  1. Computer Booting

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