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NEB || Important Comprehensive Passage for Com English Class 11

NEB || Important Comprehensive Passage for Com English Class 11

Class: 11 || Subject: Compulsory English

Comprehensive Passage

  1. Read the following passage and answer the questions below: [5×2=10]

A motorist saw two men walking along a lonely country road. They were carrying bags, so he at once informed the police. That morning the police had broadcast a message on the radio asking for information which might lead to the arrest of two thieves who had stopped a train and stolen mail-bags containing a lot of money. The police arrived on the scene soon. They questioned both men but neither of them could speak English. The men tried hard to resist arrest and kept shouting loudly at the police all the way to the station. When they arrived there, both men refused to say anything and simply pointed at their bags. The police opened them at once and then realized that they had made a terrible mistake. The men were French onion-sellers and their bags were full of onions! Apologizing for their mistake, the police set the men free immediately.


  1. Whom did the police want to catch?
  2. Who was the motorist suspicious of?
  3. What were the men carrying?
  4. Who were they?
  5. What mistake had the police made and what did they do afterwards?

2. Read the following passage and answer the questions below: [5×2=10]

A heavy load of wine barrels made it difficult for the lorry to climb the hill. Near the top, the driver had to stop suddenly to avoid hitting a log which was lying in the middle of the road. Immediately there was a loud crash from behind. The driver looked out of the window and noticed that one of the barrels had slid off the back. As there was no hope of getting it back now, the man drove away. Meanwhile, the barrel was travelling at full speed down the hill. It narrowly missed a lamp post and then it changed direction and struck a tree with great force. The noise woke up an old beggar who was sleeping by the roadside. He jumped up with a shock and it nearly broke his heart when he realized what had happened. The wine barrel had split open and stream of good red wine was following past him into a field.


  1. What was the lorry carrying?
  2. Why did the driver stop all of a sudden?
  3. What slid off the lorry at the moment?
  4. Where did the barrel roll? What did it hit?
  5. What woke up the beggar sleeping by the roadside?

3. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. [5×2=10]

A lioness in her prime can pick up 600 pounds heifer and jump a corral fence, without as much as a leg touching the ground. We knew this yet we fed the lioness for a few more days by throwing meat to her as her wound was half healed. One night she came right up to me as I sat in a camp chair, cutting a haunch of buck for her dinner. She growled quietly as she came, but took the meat I threw her, purred in her throat, happy as well-fed cat. By and by she became our regular partner during dinner time and we marked a change in her behavior. She was no more f ferocious creature for us. But one day suddenly something happened that changed her norms and she flew at one of my assistance and swallowed his head. It was a terrible sight.


  1. What is the power of a lioness?
  2. Why was the lioness fed by the writer?
  3. What happened one night?
  4. How could she become their partner during time?
  5. What happened one day, all of a sudden?

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