NEB || HSEB || Question paper of Hotel Management-I

Class: 11 || Subject: Hotel Management (HM)

HM, Hotel Management, Management, Hotel

Chapter: 2 Introduction to Hotel

Short answer questions

  1. Explain: Resort [2.5]
  2. Classify and explain hotels based on location. [5]
  3. Explain any two operational departments of hotel. [5]
  4. List and explain the coordinating departments of housekeeping. [5]
  5. Give the name and purpose of any five hollowware. [5]
  6. Classify commercial catering and explain its characteristics in brief. [5]
  7. Give the name and purpose of any five glassware. [5]
  8. What is resort? Explain. [5]
  9. Discuss any two functional departments. [5]
  10. Explain the commercial catering establishments. [5]
  11. Discuss the meaning and definition of hotels. [4]
  12. Describe the industrial catering with examples. [5]
  13. Describe the role of international hotel chain. [5]
  14. Classify hotel based on location and explain city center hotel. [5]
  15. Explain the differences between coffee shop and fine dining restaurant. [5]
  16. Discuss about international hotel chain. [5]
  17. What is hospitality? Explain and illustrate its sectors. [5]
  18. Describe the transport catering. [5]
  19. What different types of hotels fall under the location factors? Explain. [5]
  20. Define catering and its types. [5]
  21. Define raising agents and explain its types. [5]
  22. Explain various types of transport catering. [5]
  23. Make a list of eight international chain hotels and underline the two operating in Nepal. [5]
  24. What are the various types of rooms and room symbol found in a hotel? [5]
  25. What is the procedure of handling a sick guest in a hotel? [5]
  26. Define hospitality and state its sectors. [5]
  27. Define catering and explain outdoor catering. [5]
  28. What are the importance of organization chart. Explain. [5]
  29. Explain the following Ari catering in Nepal. [5]
  30. Explain the hospitality and its service nature. [5]
  31. Explain the Welfare catering and its service. [5]
  32. Draw an organization chart of a large hotel showing different sections of the department. [5]
  33. Discuss the importance of hospitality industry in the economy of Nepal. [5]
  34. Explain the Hollowware. [5]
  35. Components of tourism helps the development of the hospitality industry, explain. [5]
  36. Describe development of hotel and catering establishment in Nepal. [5]
  37. Explain the Eco-tourism. [5]
  38. Explain the Air-catering. [5]
  39. Explain the importance of Organization Chart. [5]
  40. Define the Catering. [5]
  41. Define the Attributes. [5]
  42. Define the Vouchers. [5]
  43. Define the Salesmanship. [5]
  44. Explain the types of catering establishment. [5]
  45. Explain the raising agents. [5]
  46. Explain the Culinary. [5]
  47. Explain the Mise En Place. [5]
  48. Explain the Hotel chains. [5]
  49. Define the Accompaniments. [5]
  50. Define the Tariff. [5]

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Long answer questions

  1. Name any ten items of cutlery and crockery with their uses. [10]
  2. Define hotel and explain its types under location. [10]
  3. Discuss the role of operational departments of hotels and mention their sections. [10]
  4. Classify functional and operational departments found in a hotel. Explain each of them in brief. [10]
  5. Discuss the development of hotel industry in the context of Nepal. [10]
  6. What is tourism and why Lumbini will be the main tourism destination of Nepal for international tourists? Discuss. [10]
  7. What are cutlery, crockery and hollow ware? Explain and write five examples of each. [10]
  8. Draw an organization chart of a hotel, show the departments and also explain the importance of organization chart. [10]
  9. List various types of rooms found in international standard hotels and explain them in brief. [10]
  10. Attitude of a service staff is more valuable than the hospitality knowledge and skill. Explain. [10]
  11. Draw an organization chart of a large hotel and explain briefly functional departments. [10]
  12. Define hotel and explain its types according to location. [10]
  13. Draw an organization chart of a large hotel showing various departments with the position of the department heads. [10]

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