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NEB || Comprehensive Passage of Com English Class 11

NEB || Comprehensive Passage of Com English Class 11

Class: 11 || Subject: Compulsory English

Comprehensive Passage

  1. Read the following passage and answer the questions below: [5×2=10]

Science has told us so much about the moon that it is fairly to imagine what it would be like to there. It is certainly not a friendly place. As there is no air or water, there can be no life of any kind. There is no variety of scenery either. For mile after mile there are only flat plains of dust with mountains around them. Above, the sun and the stars shine in a black sky. If you step out of the mountain shadows it will mean moving from severe cold into great heat. These extreme temperatures continually break rocks away from the surface of the mountains. The moon is also a very silent world, for sound waves can only travel through air. But beyond the broken horizon, you see a friendly sight. Out earth is shinning more brightly than the stars. From this distance, it looks like an immense ball, coloured blue and green and brown.


  1. Why is the moon unfriendly?
  2. What can be seen there?
  3. What effect of extreme temperatures has on the moon?
  4. Why is the moon said to be a very silent world?
  5. How does the earth appear from the moon?
  6. Read the following passage and answer the questions below:

The inhabitants of Tango, a small island in the south pacific, discovered a plant which contained a powerful drug. This made it more difficult for them to think rationally – it stopped them worrying about the future and enabled them to forget all their problems. At the same time, it made it much easier for them to relax and enjoy themselves. So much, indeed that the whole population of the island stopped working and spent all their time singing and dancing and looking at the sea.


  1. What is Tango and where is it located?
  2. What did the people find out?
  3. What did drug make things easier for people?
  4. What did the drug make difficult?
  5. How did the people enjoy?
  6. Read the following passage and answer the questions below:

June 1968 was the 25th anniversary of the climbing of Mount Everest. This great peak in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, the highest mountain in the world, had always looked down mockingly on mere man, seeming to say, “I challenge you to climb me, poor, weak mortals!” And they try they did, but failed to reach the top. There were avalanches, blizzards, extreme cold and hunger to contend with. The mountain reigned supreme; that is until June 1953. Then it happened! The news flashed around the world that Edmund Hillary and John Hund led a party to devote climbers ever upwards until the fateful moment when Hillary himself and Nepalese, Tensing Norgay, set foot upon the Roof of the World and looked down from a height of 8,848 meters. What celebrations followed to mark the great exploit! Queen Elizabeth II knighted Hund and Hillary and Tensing received the British Empire Medal.


  1. If June 1968 was the 25th anniversary, when was Mount Everest climbed?
  2. Where is the Mountain situated?
  3. Why is it called the Roof of the World?
  4. What was the challenge that Everest seemed to be saying?
  5. Which mean were the first to reach the summit?

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