Model Question of Computer Science Grade XI (11) 2073 (2016)

Model Question 2067

Subject: Computer Science | F.M.: 75 | P.M.: 27 | Time: 3hrs

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Group A (Long Answer Questions)

Attempt all questions. [3×10=30]

  1. Draw a well-labeled diagram of typical architecture of a Computer system and explain the main function of Control Unit and ALU. [4+3+3]

2. a. What is an operating system? Explain any three functions of an operating system. [1+6]

b. The ‘WiMP’ environment is much more user-friendly, why? [3]


a. What is cell addressing and explain different types of cell addressing used in spreadsheet. [5]

b. Write a tag to design your personal web page to link photo family, background and banner page using frame. [5]

3. a. Define flow-chart and pseudo-code. Explain their significance in programming. [5]

b. Write a pseudo-code to accept any three numbers and output the largest among them. [5]

4. What do you mean by generation of Computer? Explain the technology used in different generation of Computers. [10]

Attempt any Nine questions. [9×5=45]

  1. Classify the Computers according to their generation based on the technology used. [5]
  2. Difference between analogue and digital Computer, explain with examples. [5]
  3. What do you mean by number system? Why do digital Computers use binary numbers for their operation?
  4. Convert these numbers.

  1. State the Demogran’s theorem and verify it. [5]
  2. What are logic gates” Construct the truth table of NOR operation. [5]
  3. Write short notes on (any two): [5]
  4. IDE b. SCSI c. Wave Camera
  5. What are uses of Internet? Write any five search engine name. [5]
  6. Differentiate between System Software and Application Software with examples. [5]
  7. What are DTP features in MS-Word? Write three features of Presentation Packages. [2+3]
  8. Write an algorithm and flow chart to print the word “Hello” ten times using “while loop”. [5]
  9. Describe the fourth generation of Computer. [5]
  10. Difference between second and third generation Computer. [5]

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