What is Mobile Computing? Write its advantages and disadvantages. [ Very Important Question]

What is Mobile Computing? Write its advantages and disadvantages.

[Very Important Question]

Mobile Computing is the term that defines the use of Computer services anywhere easily. By the development of different portable computing devices, it made easy to use the services from different places. It makes easy and fast for different tasks such as internet browsing, communication, information transfer, etc. It saves user’s time and effort for different operations. It was introduced in 1990 A.D.

Advantages/Pros of Mobile Computing

  1. It’s portable and easy-to-use.
  2. It helps for different communication and information exchange.
  3. It saves user’s time and effort.
  4. It provides quick services like online business, e-mail, e-fax, etc.
  5. It increases the social interaction by sharing location services and GPS system.

Disadvantages/Cons of Mobile Computing

  1. There are some security problems which results the users to rely on VPNs which are usually slow while on a public network.
  2. It provides limited bandwidth.
  3. There’s lack of interactive input devices like mouse, keyboard, etc.
  4. Since the grid can’t be used, they must rely on battery power and due to their compact size, unusually expensive batteries must be used.

This question is very important either for 2.5 marks in short notes or as a 5 marks question. The syllabus of Computer Science for Class 11 was changed in 2067 B.S. and this question has come in every sets every year since 2067. It came in the examination of 2074 as well.




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