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Meropaper Essay Competition Prize RS 6000

Meropaper Essay Competition Prize RS 6000

meropaper essay competition
meropaper essay competition

Meropaper has organized an essay competition for all the students:

In This essay competition We have set no any limits because we believed that Education never sees age.

Criteria For approval of Essay:

  1. All the Essay should have well written and should not be copied from any where.
  2. It should be more than the 600 words.
  3. Rough words are  not allowed .
  4. Participate should provide all the information correctly.

Terms and conditions of Meropaper with participants

  • We have the rights to change our terms and conditions at any time
  • Meropaper will disqualify any participant if they will not follow our rules.
  • Prize will be distributed online who are farway.
  • Advertising boosting is allowed.
  • You can share to the number of social media’s.
  • winner will be choosen by judeges and online voting system
  • voting will be online we give all details of voting on coming saturday


If you want to participate to meropaper essay competition

Send your name and phone number to below email adress

phone number is necessary so that we contact you and tell other details to participate in essay

Email at :



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