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Magic of Words | Concrete cat | summary Grade XI

Magic of Words | Concrete cat | summary Grade XI

concrete cat

“concrete cat” is an example of a “concrete Poem” a poem made for the eye The main concern of such a poem is with the physical apperance of poetry not primiarly with ideas or emotions, not with the languages as we ordinarily use it, but Primarly with ideas or emotions, not with languages as we ordinarily use it, but with the “reduced language” of the word itself as it appears on the page or elesewhere.

The poet may is  be telling us about a cat, but may be showing its “catness” in action – as far as this can be done  by black and white letters on a page. We see that the cat’s tongue is a U, and so on. The put in the cat’s middle stripe (tripes) is the only place where the language aspires toward  poetry and becomes figurative.

“concrete cat” is implied poem that indicates the concrete ideas about costs. This type of poem is meant to see rather than to read. How ever, this type of poem reveals the pun through of words and it is good fun to read and see the concrete poem. The poet here Experiences his sight of cat through the letters and the organizes the words in a very skillful way that represents a shape of a cat and different organs of a cat. The letters “A” indicates or creates the shape of a pointed ears and U makes the mouth. The white backdrop and black letters  here show the real stripe of the cat. This cat concentrates here infront of the readers after killing the mouse. The upside down letter of mouse indicates that the mouse is killed by the cat. The Selections of words such as stripe, Whisker, paw and tail etc. Characterize the real cat like a picture but if the poet would use sentences instead of words, his concrete poem would never come to a form cat.

The Poet set the letters of the word “mouse” upside down to indicate that the mouse is dead and it is lying behind the cat. In Front of the cat, a mouse cannot stand upright. We can assume that the cat is playing with the dead rat by turning it upside down.

Important question and answer

1.Concrete cat is an example of a concrete poem. how?

ans.. Concrete poem is a type of postmodern poem which focuses on graphic patterns of words and symbols rather than meaning off words. It uses typographical elements like words, graphic, spaces commas, unsual capital and small letters.

The poem “concrete cat” is Written by Dorthi Charles. This poem is an Example of concrete poem. This type of poem focuses Graphic patterns of letters and words rather than their meaning. By joining the words and letters, The poet gets success to create visual picture in the mind of the readers . This poem focuses physical apperances.

In  the Poem “concrete cat” The poet get success to create curtness in the mind of readers. A of ear refers to the pointed ears of a cat. Y of the eye refers to open eye brows of cat. U of mouth Refers to the tongue of cat. The multiple Whiskers refer to the multiple number of whickers of cat’s mouth . The poet joins multiple strip to create pun. It also refers to different colors of cat body. paw has been written for four times to address the four legs of the cat . The term “tail” has been written in elongated from to address the length of cat’s tail. The dish and little box are used to adress that the cat is domestic. The term “mouse” has been written in upside down manner to address the dead mouse, which has just been killed by a domestic cat.

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