Light Important questions | Grade VIII

 Important questions for Light | Grade VIII

  1. Define light .
  2. Define ray and beam of light .
  3. What is meant by reflection of light ?
  4. Show the diagram of reflection of light .
  5. Define incident , reflected ray , normal , angle of incidence and reflection .
  6. What are the laws of reflection of light .
  7. Define image .
  8. Write the types of image .
  9. Define spherical mirror .
  10. Write the types of spherical mirror .
  11. Define concave and convex mirror.
  12. Write the relationship between focal length and radius of curvature .
  13. Write the rules of construction of ray diagram .
  14. Draw the ray diagram to show the formation of image by concave mirror when the object is kept at infinity , beyond C , at C , between C and F , at F , between F and P .
  15. Draw the ray diagram to show the formation of image by convex mirror .
  16. Define refraction of light ?
  17. Show the phenomenon of refraction of light .
  18. Define emergent ray .
  19. Define denser and rarer medium .
  20. Write the laws of refraction of light .

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