Class: 11 || Subject: Physics

Answer in briefly, any six Questions
a. What is the Difference between accurate and precise measurement?
b. A Ball having a momentum p hits a bat and its momentum becomes -p. What is change in momentum of the ball ?
c. State the conditions of equillibrum of a system of coplanar forces.
d. Does the acceleration of a moving body in a circular path remain constant?
e. Sand is thrown on the roads covered with snow. why?
f. Since the moon is constantly attracted towards the earth by the gravitional interaction, why doesn’t crash into the earth?
g. Explain in terms of breaking stress why elephant has thicker legs as compared to human beings?

2. Answer in Brief, any two Questions:

a. Why are two thin blankets warmer than a single blanket of double the thickness?
b.Distinguish between saturated and unsaturated vapor pressure.
c.Does the cofficient of linear expansion Depend on Length? Explain.

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3.Answer in brief, any one Question

a.Can a convex mirror ever form a real image ? if so explain with diagram
b What are Grazing Incidence and Grazing emergence?

4. answer in Brief, any one Question

a.A man Inside an insulated metallic cage does not receive shock when the cage is highly charged. Explain it Possible to charge a capacitor to any potential?

5.Answer any THREE Questions

a. State the Principal of conservation of linear momentum. How does Netwon’s third law of motion lead to the principal of conservation of linear momentum?
b.Prove That the total mechanical energy in gravitional field is always conserved. Also explain conservative and non-conservative of linear momentum?

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