Important Model Question paper Science | grade VIII

Model Question paper (theory) Science Grade VIII

Group “A” Physics

  1. (a) What is measurement ? Write the difference between fundamental unit and derived unit .
    (b) Convert as indicated :
    (i) 40cm into mm         (ii) 5 days into second
  2. What is uniform motion ? What types of motion is the motion of an apple falling from the tree ? Why ?
  3. What do you mean by the efficiency of a simple machine is 70% .
  4. Rest and motion are relative term , why ?
  5. Prove : p = hdg .
  6. What is work done ? Write its formula and unit .
  7. What is power . A man of 50 kg mass carrying a bag of 20 kg climbs up the Swayambhu temple . If he climbs 100 steps in 12 min . Calculate the power of the man. The height of each step is 20 cm .
  8. Write any two difference between Heat and Temperature .
  9. A pencil partially dipped in water appear to be bent , why ?
  10. Complete the given ray diagram and write the nature of image .

    Group “B” Chemistry

  11. An atom is electrically charge less , why ?
  12. Write the electronic configuration of sulphur and draw its atomic structure .
  13. Write the difference between 2Cl & CL2 .
  14. What is the source of Lactic , citric , chronic acid ?
  15. Draw a labelled figure of distillation .
  16. What is rusting ? What is the composition of air by volume ?

    Group “C” Biology

  17. What is timber plant ? Give two example of timber plant found in Alpine region ?
  18. Write the difference between self and cross pollination .
  19. What is flower ? Write the phylum of each based on the given characters .
    (i) Body with numerous pores , Aquatic in habitat .
    (ii) Soft body , presence of tentacles in head .
    (iii) Completely marine , body covered with spiny scales .
  20. Write one function of each of :
    (a) Chloroplast    (b) vacuole
    (c) Cell wall         (d) Centrosome
  21. Write the name of each of useful and harmful amoeba .
  22. Pulmonary vein is not taken as artery although it carries oxygenated blood , why ?
  23. What is reproduction ? What type of reproduction found in the following ?
    (i) Amoeba    (ii) Yeast
    (iii) Hydra      (iv) Bryophyllum

    Group “D” Astronomy and Geology

  24. What is rock ? Give an example of plutonic rock .
  25. What type of rock are sand stone , quartzite , limestone and marble ?
  26. What is atmosphere ? Write the use of ozone .
  27. What are the different steps to control air pollution .

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