Important Model Question paper biology |HSEB | grade XII|

           Model Question paper (theory) Biology Grade XI
 Time 3 hrs                                                                                                                                   Full marks:75


    Section A (Botany)
1.Answer any seven Questions in short
a.Differentiate Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells on the basis of nucleus.
Write the Function of chroloplast.
c.what Are the Components of Nucleotidee?4
d.what are cyanobacteria of a nucleotide?
e.Why are ferns are called vascular cryptogams?
f.What Are differences between Disc and ray floret.
g.Name the Primary Consumer of pond system?
h. Define green House Effect?
i.Lichen is an Symbiosis, how?
j.Define Plant Successsion?
2.Answer Any Five Question in Brief.
a.In what Ways DNA differ From RNA
b.Give the shortcomings of two kingdoms systems of classification?
c.Illustrate Vegetative structure of spirogyra with neat and labelled diagram( no Description Required?
d.Write economic importance of fungi?
e.By means of stamen character only, how will you differentiate the various families which are included in your syllabus?
f.Energy Flow in a Ecosystem is always Unidirectional. Explain
g.How does the carbon cycle exist in the nature.
3.Describe the prophase I of meiosis cell Division. Distinguish it from prophase of mitosis.
4.Give the Distinguishing character of solanaeceae with its floral formula and floral diagram mention botanical names of three economically important plants of this family.
Define Alternation of generation Discuss it with reference to life cycle of Marchintia.
 section B (Zoology)
1.Answer any seven question in very short.
a.Define the terms: Parasitology,palentology
b.How is Zoology Related with Che3mistry
c.What is organic Evolution
d.Define Analogous organs.
e.Differentiate Oxidizing atmosphere and reducing atmosphere.
f.Write Zoological names of (i)wall Lizard (ii)Liver Fluke
g.Mentions the functions of Contractile vacuoles in paramecium.
h.Define conservation
i.Name two Examples of Migratory Birds
j.Why is DDT Banned?
2.Answer any five question in Brief
a.”Archeopteryx is a connecting link between reptiles and birds”?
b.Give an Account of Gamonogy life cycle of plasmodium ‘vivax.
c.classify pila
d.How is Cocoon formed in earthworm?
e.Draw labelled diagram of internal structure of Frog’s heart ( no description)
f.Describe The volant Adaptational Features of birds.
g.Enlist the important measures to protect endangered species
3.Draw the neat and labelled Diagram of male Reproductive System of Phertima.
a.Write the alimentary canal of rana Tigrina.
4.Write an Essay on the Theory of natural Selection

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