Important Exam Question paper Pharmacy / Dental science

Council for Technical Education and Vocational training

Office of the Controller of Examinations

                                                               Sanothimi, Bhaktapur

Program: General Medicine/pharmacy/lab/Radiography/Dental science(Dental Hygine) Homeopathy/ Ophathalmic 

Year/part : First year

Subject : physics

                                                                          Group “A”

Attempt (any Nine) Question.

1.Find the Dimensional Formula of potential difference.

2.Which one in more elastic steel or iron explains. Why ?

3.Why water at 100*c less hotter than stem at 100*c.

4.What is causes of refraction of light ?

5.State the coulomb’s law in electrostatics.

6.Which one is more dangerous AC or DC why?

7.Write two important properties of magnetic lines of force.

8.Action and reaction are always equals but opposite to each other then why not they cancel each other?

9.what is the value of angle of dip for same horizontal and vertical component?

10.Discuss the use of x-rays in medicine?

  1. What do you mean by binding energy ?
  2. What are cathode rays ? Does it Deflect by electric field?
  3. Explain greenhouse effect.

                                             Group “B”\

                                          Attempt (any seven ) Questions.

14.State and prove the principal of conservation of mechanical energy during free fall .

15.Define acceleration due to gravity. How the value of “g” varies with depth ?

  1. Define α and r and drive a relation between them.

17.Define focal length and radius of curvature of mirror and derive a relation between them.

  1. Explain how newton develop the formula of velocity of sound in air . Also explain about its correction.
  2. What do you mean by electric potential derive a relation for it.
  3. Define current density and drift velocity derive a relation between them.

21.What do you mean by magnetic moment ? Find the magnetic field strength due to bar magnetic field due to bar magnet on its axial line.

  1. What is photo electric effect? Discuss the Einstein photoelectric effect.

23.State and explain radioactive decay law.

                                                      Group C

Attempt (any five ) Questions

24.A wire of length 10cm is stretched to 12 cm by 100N force, if area of cross section of that wire is  0.2cm^2 , Find youngs Modulus of elasticity and energy stored in the wire .

  1. A projectile is fired from the ground level with velocity 100m/s at 30* with vertical. Calculate the maximum horizontal range and time taken by projectile to reach maximum height .
  2. A glass vessel of volume 50cm^3 is filled with mercury and it heated from 20*c to 80*c. What volume of mercury will over flow ?

27.An object 1cm high is placed at distance of 30cm in front of a convex mirror of focal length 20cm. Find  the height  of the image.

28.Prove, 1amu = 931Mev

  1. Velocity of sound at NTP is 332 m/s, Than calculate velocity of sound at 50*c.

30.Two resistor 6Ω and 3Ω are connected with a cell of p.d 6 volt. Find out the current through each resistor.

  1. Calculate the energy in electron volt of quantum radiation of wavelength of 0.15nm. ( c=3*10^8 ms^-1 , h=6.6*10^-34

                                                                      — —— The End———








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