Importance of Women Education | Essay

Importance of Women Education

Education is the preparation for life . It is the light of life continuous and life-long process. Education is consider as the foundation of development . It plays a vital role in the development of the human civilization . Education invites positive and constructive changes in life . Education makes  people civilized , well-skilled , aware and responsible . It is also the prime key to personality upliftment / development . Educated people can discriminate good and bad behavior . Unless the country has required educated manpower , it cannot develop its condition appropriately . If people are well educated and united , they will be co-operative .

Rights are basic requirements for human being to enhance the status . In order to promote women’s status in Nepal , women have to be provided all the rights . Women in Nepal are not enjoying their rights . Many dead traditions and concepts stop the women from practicing their rights . The women who are uneducated or illiterate feel that they are not as capable as men . They feel themselves weaker . They cannot enjoy any rights and freedom . Some of the conscious and educated women enjoy different modes of freedom and rights such as education , information , preservation etc . Legally , many rights are provided to women . The rights of women is not as miserable as African countries . The status of Nepalese Women is improving . Women themselves should be more alert , dynamic and constructive to enhance their status and rights .

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A human society consists of men and women . If both men and women are literate , they can play the equal role . It is said that men and women are two wheels of a cart . If one of the wheel is weak , the cart cannot move properly . Normally fifty one percentage of population is occupied with women . A women cannot complete her duties  if she is not provided her rights of education . We can realize existing prejudice in our society . All the women are not provided with the right of education . We can see discrimination between men and women in many activities and rights . If females are uneducated , fifty-one percent of people of the country will be uneducated . The progress of the nation depends upon female education , too . Nowadays many NGOs and I NGOs have been supporting the women in many ways .

In most of the societies , women are neglected . They are considered to be means to be means of enjoyment and reproduction , but it is not good for the betterment of human civilization . In the context of Nepal 35% of females are literate whereas average literacy rate is 65% . Most of the women are limit within household activities . Because of being illiterate , most of the women are conservative . They believe in superstitions . But nowadays , many girls are going to collages and schools . The girls in urban areas are getting more opportunities than the girls in rural areas . Some of those organizations are EDUC-Nepal , RUWON Nepal , Women LEAD Nepal etc. Most of the females in urban areas are educated .

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Women should be train properly . They need various kinds of skills and knowledge . They can learn simple subjects like home science , child-care , first-aid , needle work , tailoring , interior designing , etc . Furthermore , they can be engineers , doctors , teachers , administrators , leaders and so on . It is said that females are not suitable for military training , but they should be given free opportunities to choose their careers . The main focus in Nepal these days is education for Females (Women) . The need of education for women is as necessary as development of country . The development of the country depends upon the population and literacy of citizens .

Women education is very important . Educated women can help their family , society and country as well . If they are literate , they can look after their children properly .  Similarly , an educated women can help her husband to make their life properly successful . An educated wife can manage her family properly . She can support her family in many ways . She can run her own business . Women can be leader who can develop the nation . The women ( mother ) is the first teacher of us . In the developing country like Nepal co-education is the most important factor for development .  The education system in which both men and women (boys and girls) together get education in the same institution and during the same time is  co-education . In the present days co-education is still criticize in some places as of ancient time .

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Men and women are equal . They should not be take away for education . In this situation co-education is taken as the important factor for women education . It strengthens sense of intimacy , friendship , equality and co-operation between and among students ( men and women ) . They psychologically motivat to learn . They build up feeling of competition in study and other constructive activities . Many expenditure can be less due to co-education . We do not need to make separate schools and collages . Although some people , educationists deny co-education .

In context of developing country like Nepal , illiterate women should be made literate by running adult literacy classes for them . We should encourage them to be literate and then educate . They can teach their children good manners , discipline and lessons . The mother is another teacher of everyone .  The government as well as the sectors concerned should give a high priority to educate women . Furthermore , females themselves should be active to uplift their states . In order to promote development we shall promote the women education . The female education is also the backbone of development of nation . We should not discriminate between men and women , boys and girls . We should provide equal opportunity to women as well .



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