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Importance of tourism industry 2019 essay [pdf]

Importance of tourism industry 2019 essay [pdf] [ importance of tourism industry pdf ]

tourism nepal
tourism nepal

Nepal is a very rich country at every aspect from natural resources to human culture , Natural beauty. Therefore we have a great chance to have a large visitors from the foreign countries as the tourist . There is a very much importance of tourism industry in 2019 for the development name and fame for the Nepal.

From the tourist visiting in Nepal we can make a lots of handsome amount of money.

Tourism industry notes

Tourism industry 2019 -2020 is very important for Nepal for the sustainable development for income as well as culture exchange.

Employment Opportunities:    IF there is good tourism industry build of in Nepal then there will be more opportunites to make money and get job also. There will be more number of restaurants hotels, travel agency and this will create the job opportunities which will empower Nepalese people in every aspect.

Cultural exchange : tourism industry will lead to exchange culture learning of the all other country languages to provide the better hospitality Nepalese will learn other languages and culture also and when tourist will visit nepal they also get many languages and culture to experience and learn. This will show how Nepal is rich in culture and tradition and at the natural resources also.

publicity of a Nation: As Nepal is very rich in Natural resources and also Nepal is the second richest country in water and also the highest mountain Sagarmatha is in Nepal with the  height 8848m from the sea level. Tourist came to Nepal take photographs and also buy a lots of physical goods this makes a very good publicity in the outside world.

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Problems of tourism industry in Nepal

There are a lots of problems in Nepal while making a better tourism industry because of corrupt government. Uneducated people and due to lack of skill man power. All the skilled man power of Nepal are going abroad then how it is possible to develop the country in tourism sector.

Tourism industry can lead Nepal at the top as a earning sources and change the life style of people but day by day we are loosing our culture. We are polluting our natural resources .

Kidnapping killing and rape is also increasing day by day this also affect the tourism industry. Tourist cannot feel safe due to this tourist can be decrease in number and also income also.

Due to lack of proper guides : There is big problem on guide. Nepalese people don’t now about Nepal they are forgetting their culture then how they will guide the other tourist.

problems of tourism industry
problems of tourism industry









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