Differentiate between Impact Printer and Non-Impact Printer. (Grade 11)

This question is a very important question for NEB/HSEB Final Examination of Grade 11. It usually comes in 5 marks or sometimes it comes in 10 marks. So, you need to write at least 6-8 points for 5 marks and 10-15 points for 10 marks.


Impact Printer Non-Impact Printer
It is the old technology printer. It is the new technology printer.
They are noisy. They are less noisy.
They are slower. They are faster.
They produce low quality printing. They produce high quality printing.
They support very few no. of fonts and styles. They support many fonts and styles.
They are single-color based. They are multiple-color based.
They can be used to print the multiple copies of document at a time. They can’t be used to produce multiple copies at a time.
They are easier-to-maintain. They are difficult and expensive to maintain.
They strike on the paper while printing. They don’t strike on the paper while printing.
They use hammers or wheels. They use light signals.
They consume more electricity. They consume less electricity.
They are only text-based. They can produce text and graphical output.
Examples: Dot matrix printer, Daisy wheel printer, etc. Examples: Ink-jet printer, Laser printer, etc.




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