Class: 12 || Subject: Travel and Tourism (SUPPLEMENTARY)

Travel and Tourism

Group ‘A’

Very short answer questions. [2×10=20]

  1. What is product in tourism?
  2. What is channel of distribution in tourism?
  3. What is the difference between EP and AP?
  4. Write down the full forms of:


5. What is ‘No show’?

6. What is public relation?

7. What is service voucher?

8. What is single supplement?

9. Who are the deportees?

10. What is passport?

Group ‘B’

Short answer questions. [7×5=35]

11. What is the itinerary? What are the basic elements of an itinerary?

12. What is Hotel Plan? Describe Hotel Plans with examples.

13. Write down the general regarding refund.

14. What is promotion? Why promotion is necessary in tourism?

15. What are the desirable traits of tourism salesperson?

16. Write down the information need to be included in Hotel Reservation Request.

17. If a flight from Kathmandu to Singapore left Kathmandu local time at 0910 and arrives Singapore local time at 1745, calculate the flight duration from Kathmandu to Singapore, Present your calculation in detail. Kathmandu is +0545 hours of GMT. Singapore is +0800 hours of GMT.

18. What is visa? Describe any five types of visa.

19. Write down the importance and usefulness of Official Airlines Guide (OAG).

20. What is promotional fare? Describe any five types of promotional fare.

21. What is advertisement? Describe any five types of printed promotional materials used in tourism.

22. What is itinerary? Differentiate between tailor-made itinerary and ready-made itinerary.

Group ‘C’

Attempt any two questions. [2×10=20]

20. What is tourism marketing? Write down the specific features of tourism marketing.

21. Write down the step by step process of departure transfer.

22. Describe different types of passenger airfare.

23. Describe the provisions regarding passenger baggage allowance for international air traveller.

24. What is itinerary? Mention the points need to be considered while preparing an itinerary.

25. Write down the information provided by Travel Information Manual (TIM).

26. Describe the provisions regarding passenger baggage for international air traveller.

Note: All these questions are copied here from the third party management students are requested to take this information at their own way.




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