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HSEB || Model question of Computer Science Class 12 (Computer Science, CS, Management, Programming C)

Unit -4 Programming in C

computer science, cs, management, programming c

Long answer questions

1. a. Describe the switch statement with example. [5]

b. What are the difference between while and do while loop? Explain with syntax. [3+2]

2. Write a program to read five positive number using array and find out the smallest among them. [10]

3. a. Describe the string manipulation function in C. Explain strcpy and strcmp with example. [2+3]

b. Write a program do demonstrate the value of variable and address of variable using pointer in C. [5]

4. Describe the function in C. Write a program to find the sum of ‘n’ integer number using function in C. [4+6]

5. Differentiate between structure and union. Write a program to input the employee name and post of five employees and display the records in proper format using structure. [3+7]

6. a. What is loop? Differentiate between while and do-while loop. Describe with example. [1+4]

b. Write a program to display first ten even nos. [5]

7. What is string? Explain any four string handling functions with example. [2+8]

8. What is array? Write a program to sort twenty integer nos. in ascending order. [2+8]

9. a. Write a program to add two integer nos. using function. [5]

b. Define simple and compound statements. Describe logical operator with example. [5]

10. a. What is pointer? Write its advantages. [5]

b. Write a program to enter name, post and salary of employee and write it in a file “employee.dat”. [5]

11. Write a program which find the sum, difference and product of 2 numbers using switch case statement. [10]

12. a. Differentiate between while and Do-while loop with appropriate example. [2.5+2.5]

b. Write a program to display the following: [5]

1 1 2 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 13. a. What is function? List out the advantages of functions. [1+4]

b. Write a program to find the factorial of a given number. [5]

14. a. Describe fscant and fprint function. [5]

b. Write a program which asks name, age, roll-number of student and write it in a file student.dat. [5]

15. a. What is looping? Describe ‘for’ and while loop with appropriate examples. [1+2+2]

b. Write a program to check if a given number is odd or even using if statement. [5]

16. Describe any five string handling functions with examples. [10]

17. What is array? Write a program to find addition of two matrices (3×3). [2+8]

18. a. Differentiate between Structure and Union. [2.5+2.5]

b. Write a program to display name, age and address reading from file “record.dat”. [5]

19. a. Write a program which reads name, department and age from a file named ” employee.dat” and display them on the monitor. [10]

20. What are the data types available in C programming? Explain in detail with examples. [10]

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