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HSEB || Important Unseen passages for Compulsory English Class 12

Class: 12 || Subject: Com. English

Compulsory English Unseen Passage

Unseen Passages

Read the following passage and answer the questions below: [5×3=15]

The consumers that kill other animals for food are called predators. The word predator usually brings to mind pictures of lions and wolves but such creatures as robins, frogs and humans are also predators. Some predators, carnivores such as lions, depend entirely on animals they kill while many others, such as foxes and humans, eat plant food too.

Some people think predators as ‘bad’, though humans themselves are the greatest predators the world has known, sometimes, individual predators do prey upon farm animals and these individuals have to controlled. Too often, however people try to wipe out entire populations of predators, with the mistaken idea that they are doing good.

People usually think that predators have an essay time of it, killing defenseless prey. But studies of predators and their prey show quite the contray- the tiger has to work quite hard for its meals. The author estimates that, for every wild prey killed, the tiger makes twenty to thirty unsuccessful attempts.


a. Define predators. Which animals are mostly known as predators?

b. Are human beings predators? Justify your answer.

c. Why does the author consider that the individual predators are to be controlled?

d. What mistakes do people make when they try to wipe out the predators?

e. How many unsuccessful attempts does the tiger make for its meals?

Read the following passage and answer the questions below:

Andrew Quinn, a systems manager at a toy company  is starting to learn more about his fellow employees than he had ever wanted to know. He has found that one co-worker has a weakness for herbal remedies, another likes jokes about women drivers and another checks the lottery numbers each mornings.

The manager knows these things because about a month ago, Mr. Quinn installed a new piece o software on the computer network that enables him to monitor not only every website that his employees browse, but every e-mail that they send or receive. With a few clicks, he can open window on a computer screen and see the senders, recipients and subject headings of each message. These details help him figure out exactly what is straining his e-mail server.

In fact, Ritvik toys is one of hundreds of companies that are looking at worker’s correspondence on a routine basis. and the number of companies regularly doing so is soaring. Managers give variety of reasonings for installing such software. Some lookout for oversize e-mail attachment that clog networks. Others seek dissuade and discourage employees are not sending message that disturb or hurt activities. And others want to make sure that employees are not sending message that disturb or hurt others.


a. What weaknesses did Andrew Quinn find about his co-workers?

b. How did they misuse their time?

c. How did Mr. Quinn monitor the activities of his co-workers?

d. How did the Managers of different companies explain the situation?

e. What should the office workers do during the office hours?

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