HSEB || Important Model Questions of Computer Science Class 12

Class: 12 || Subject: Computer Science ||

Unit-3: Communication and Networking

important model questions for computer science class 12

Short Answer Questions

  1. Describe the Bus and Star topology with suitable diagram. [2.5+2.5=5]
  2. Differentiate between guided and unguided networking media. [5]
  3. Who is system analyst? Explain the roles of system analyst. [1+4=5]
  4. Explain Bus and Star topology with advantages and disadvantages. [2.5+2.5=5]
  5. Describe ‘simplex’, ‘half duplex’ and ‘full duplex’ with example. [1+2+2=5]
  6. What is Networking? List the advantages of Networking. [1+4=5]
  7. Describe Network topologies with diagram. [1+4=5]
  8. What is Computer network? Write the advantages and disadvantages of Computer network. [1+4=5]
  9. Define Computer network and explain its uses. [2+3=5]
  10. What is Computer network? Explain its uses. [2+3=5]
  11. What is network topology? Describe any two network topologies with clear diagram. [1+4=5]
  12. Describe the ‘Coaxial cable’ and ‘Satellite’ with examples. [2.5+2.5=5]
  13. What is network? List out the benefits of Networks? [1+4=5]
  14. Describe ‘Simplex’, ‘half duplex’ and ‘full duplex’ channel of communications with examples. [5]
  15. Explain any two transmission media with appropriate diagrams. [2.5+2.5=5]
  16. Describe the types of network topologies with clear diagrams. [2.5+2.5=5]
  17. What are the types of LAN topologies? Explain with diagrams. [5]
  18. What is local area network? Explain different types of topologies with diagram. [2+5=8]
  19. What is network topology? Explain the different types of network topologies with diagram. [7]
  20. What are the types of LAN topology? Explain with diagrams. [7]
  21. What is internet? Explain the uses of internet in business. [2+5=7]
  22. Define Network Architecture. Explain client-server and peer-to-peer networking. [2+5=7]
  23. Explain about OSI/ ISO model of networking. [7]
  24. What is the purpose of transmission media? Explain its types. [2+5=7]
  25. What is local area network? Explain the different types of topologies with diagrams. [2+5=7]
  26. Differentiate between internet and intranet with suitable example. [2+5=7]
  27. What is networking? Distinguish between star topology and ring topology of networking principles with the help of clean diagram. [2+5=7]
  28. What is networking? Explain the advantages and disadvantages of networking. [2+5=7]
  29. What are the different types of LAN topology? Explain. [7]
  30. What do you mean by transmission media? Write short notes on UTP cable and fiber optical cable. [3+2+2=7]
  31. Differentiate between Internet and Intranet. Explain the term normalization in terms of database design. [5+2=7]
  32. What do you mean by topology? What do you understand by the following terms (any two): [1+6=7]
  • Client-Server Network
  • Workstation
  • Protocol

Write short notes on

  1. Network protocols [2.5]
  2. WiFi [2.5]
  3. Satellite [2.5]
  4. Protocol [2.5]
  5. Coaxial Cable [2.5]
  6. Packet switching [2.5]
  7. Network protocol [2.5]
  8. Internet [2.5]
  9. Fiber-Optic Cable [5]
  10. Bus-Topology [5]
  11. Transmission media [5]
  12. a. Client server network, Workstation, Protocol [5]

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