HSEB || Important model questions of Business Studies for Class 12 (XII)

Class: 12 || Subject: Business Studies-II

Business Studies

Chapter-1 Nature of Management

Short Answer Questions

  1. Distinguish between management and administration. [8]
  2. What is management? Explain the functions of management? [3+5=8]
  3. Explain management as science and art. [3+5=8]
  4. What is management? Make a difference between management and administration. [2+6=8]
  5. What is management? Explain the characteristics of management. [2+6=8]
  6. Define management. Describe any five characteristics of management. [2+6=8]
  7. Define management and explain its functions. [2+6=8]
  8. Explain management as an art or a science. [8]
  9. What are levels of management? What are the functions of top management? [2+5=7]
  10. Give the concept of management. Distinguish between management and administrator. [2+5=7]
  11. Why do you consider management is science as well as art? [7]
  12. Give the concept of management and distinguish between management and administration. [2+5=7]
  13. Is management a science, an art or a profession? Explain with suitable examples. [2+5=7]
  14. State and explain the different levels of management. [7]
  15. Management is both a science as well as an art. Explain. [7]
  16. How does the administration differ with management? Explain. [7]
  17. Explain management as science as well as art. [7]
  18. What is management? Is management an art, a science or a profession? [2+5=7]

Long Answer Questions

  1. Define management and discuss its characteristics. [6+12=18]
  2. Define management and discuss the various functions of management. [18]
  3. Discuss management as an art, a science of a profession. [18]
  4. Discuss, “management as a science, art and profession.” [[6+6+6=18]

Chapter-2 Principles of Management

Short Answer Questions

  1. Explain the Taylor’s scientific management. [8]
  2. Explain the Max Webber’s bureaucracy theory. [8]
  3. Explain the Fayol’s principles of administrative management. [8]
  4. Explain the principles of bureaucracy theory. [8]
  5. Describe Fayol’s contributions in the development of management. [8]
  6. Explain the Taylor’s principles of scientific management. [8]
  7. Write the meaning of scientific management. Describe the principles of Taylor’s scientific management. [2+6=8]
  8. Point out Henry Fayol’s 14 principles of management and explain any six of them. [8]
  9. Explain any seven principles of management developed by Henry Fayol. [8]
  10. Explain the concept and principles of scientific management. [2+5=7]
  11. Explain any seven principles of management as developed by H. Fayol. [7]
  12. Explain the principles of scientific management developed by F.W. Taylor. [7]

Long Answer Questions

  1. What do you mean by scientific management? Discuss Taylor’s principles of scientific management. [6+12=18]
  2. Discuss the Taylor’s scientific management principles and its limitations. [10+8=18]
  3. Discuss the Henry Fayol’s principles of management. [15]




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