HSEB XI Exam Question paper of economics 2074

NEB – Grade XI 2074 (2017) Economics Exam paper

Time  : 3 Hrs       Full marks : 100        Pass Marks : 35

Group “A”

Answer all the Questions :

  1. Critically explain Robbin’s definition of economics ? 1o
  2. 2. What are the features of labour ?  5

or What are the Causes of shift in demand Curve ?

3. What is capital ?
4, What is substitute goods ?
5. What is production of possibility curve ?
6. What is micro economics ?
7. Mention any four determinants of supply ?

Read about : Critics of Robbins Definiton

Group “B”

Answer any four Questions : 5*4 =20

    1. What are the characteristics of underdeveloped countries ?
    2. What are the indicators of economics development ?
    3. What are the causes of poverty ?
    4. Explain the Distribution and density of population of Nepal From the following table .


Region population% Density (per sq.km)
Mountaion 6,7 35
Hill 43.0 187
Terai 50.3 392
Nepal 100 180

6. Discuss the Process of plan information ?

Group “c”

Answer any five Questions  (5*5=25)

  1. Discuss about the major indicators of Nepalese economy ?
  2. Describe the importance of mineral resource in Nepalese economy?
  3. What are  the problems of natural resource management ?
  4. What are the problems of tourism in Nepal ?
  5. Discuss the major characteristics of agriculture in Nepal ?
  6. Give suggestions for transportation development in Nepal ?

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Group “D”

Attempt any five Questions . Question no 19. is compulsory  ( 10+4*5=30)

  1. Define census and sampling. Explain the methods of primary data collection.
  2. Construct laspeyre’s price index number for the year 2005 from the following table.
  3. find standard deviation

Find the Equations of a straight line passing through the point (7,8) making equal intercepts on both axis.


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