important model question for class 12

Subject: Travel and Tourism | F.M.: 75 | P.M.: 27 | Time: 3 hrs

Group ‘A’

Very short answer questions. [2×10=20]

  1. What is service in tourism?
  2. What is tailor made itinerary?
  3. What is tariff?
  4. What is the difference between BB and MAP?
  5. What is single supplement?
  6. What is e-ticketing?
  7. What is formal communication?
  8. What is passport?
  9. What is selling?
  10. What is no show?

Group ‘B’

Short answer questions. [5×7=35]

Attempt any seven questions.

11. What is itinerary? Describe its types.

12. What are the basic points need to be considered while referring transport tariff.

13. Who are the channel members of tourism? Describe their roles.

14. Write down the information need to be included in service order.

15. What are the points need to be considered while planning advertisement in tourism?

16. Write down the provisions regarding baggage allowance in Travel.

17. Write down the significance of TIM (Travel Information Manual) in international travel.

18.What is visa? Write down any five types of visa.

19. If flight left Lhasa local time at 08:20 and arrive Kathmandu local time at 07:10 what is the flight duration from Lhasa to Kathmandu. Present your answer in detail of calculation.

Kathmandu GTM +5:45

Lhasa GTM +8:00

20. What is the purpose of E-R diagram? List out the different symbols used in E-R diagram with their meanings and examples.

21. Explain the benefits of centralized database. What are the major responsibilities of Database Administrator? Explain in detail.

Group ‘C’

Long answer questions

Attempt any two questions. [2×10=20]

22. What is airfare? Describe the different types of airfare.

23. What is tourism marketing? Write down the importance features of tourism marketing.

24. Explain the procedures to be applied during departure transfer.

25. What do you understand by the term data integrity? Why it is an important thing to be considered while designing a database. State and describe different types of data integrity.

Note: all these questions are copied here from the third party management students are requested to take this information at their own way.

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