How Nepali student choose subjects?

In Nepal, students are so confused on choosing the subjects

At our time It was called SLC the 10th exam. Our teachers used to say if you cross this iron gate with good marks at our time SLC pass was also a big achievement. Nowadays if you have SLC certificate and you go for Finding a job then you will find jobs rarely.

Today Here we are going to discuss our self Means how we Nepali Student choose subjects after SLC or Nowadays its called an SEE exam also from the last year.

I am not saying that all students do this but in maximum cases, the student chooses subjects like this what I am going to share with all.

How they choose subjects?

how to choose subject

Suppose there are two friends and one is talented one and another is not much good in study. If talented one chooses science subject then another one has no capability to study that subject but he chooses that subject just for 2 years of a company which he is having from school time and goes to college and sit on the last bench and up to 1-year having fun with friends and then at board exam all answer sheets gets full of hit and trial answer.

I am writing this article from my own experience haha. Yeah I had also chosen the science subject being weak in the study and then what happened I left my +2 study and giving back exams I have lasted almost 5 years here also I make a mistake after +2 science I know I cant pass now again i have joined +2 management hope I will pass this time I have taken decision from my heart not for showing others just for my academic knowledge.

Some of the students choose the subject where there used to be more girls. To them also I want to say, guys,  run for education and develop your skills if you have skills you will earn money and now in this world paisa xa ta sab xa yar.

The subject is chosen by family pressure

family pressure

In Nepal, most of the parents want their child a doctor or engineer. They never try to understand what their child wants to do just to want their child involving in academic studies.

They may have different passion and desires to do and may have different goals. It is not necessary to study +2 science and management if you have the passion for singing then you can join singing classes.

If you have interest in dancing then join dance classes. choose that subject what is your passion otherwise, your life will be hell.

Yes it’s very difficult to convince our parents because still in most of the families they think going college is best for getting knowledge and think certificate as the achievement but I suggest you to all follow your passion. your passion will lead towards the success……







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