Heat Important questions | Grade VIII

Important questions for Heat | Grade VIII

  1. Define heat .  What is its unit?
  2. Define one calorie heat .
  3. What is temperature . Write its SI unit .
  4. Define thermometer and calorie meter .
  5. Define thermometric liquid .
  6. On what principle is thermometer based ?
  7. Define calibration of the thermometer .
  8. Define Lower and Upper Fixed Point .
  9. What are different temperature scales ?
  10. Write the lower and upper fixed point of centigrade , Fahrenheit and Kelvin scale .
  11. Write the relation between centigrade , Fahrenheit and Kelvin scale .
  12. Name the different types of thermometer .
  13. Define clinical and laboratory thermometer .
  14. Define minimum and maximum thermometer .
  15. What is the role of an index in a minimum maximum thermometer ?
  16. Write the types of thermometer on the basis of thermometric liquid .
  17. What are the advantages of using mercury thermometer instead of alcohol thermometer ?
  18. What are the advantages of using alcohol thermometer instead of mercury thermometer ?
  19. Write the importance of thermometer .
  20. What is the normal body temperature ?
  21. Mercury thermometer is not used to measure the very low temperature , why ?

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