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  1. Predict The structure of water molecule using VSEPR model.

ans.  According to the VSEPR model, a molecule takes a shape that minimizes the repulsion between bonding pair i.e bond pair and non bonding i.e Ione pair of electron

2. Why is it Diffcult to undergo nucleophillic substitutiion in halorene?

ans. Halorene i.e chllorobenzene , the carbon attached with chlorine is sp2 hybridization and stabilized by resonance. Due to the Resonance a double bond is developed between carbon and chlorine atoms and having lesser polarrity of C-Cl bond.

3. why is the b.p of ethanol higher than its isomer dimethyl ether?

ans. Ethanol forms hydrogen bond whereas diemethyl ether doesnot form hydrogen bond. so the ethanol has higher b.p than diemethyl ether. we know that hydrogen bonded compound having higher b.p than hydrogen non-bonded compound

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4Give Two Difference between DNA and RNA


Add a border to a table:

It is Deoxyribonucleic acid It is mainly found in chrome
It is ribonucleic acid It is mainly found in cyptoplasm


6. List two Functions of proteins

ans. Following are the two main functions of proteins

  1. It acts as biological catalyst in various metabolic processes in the living body. helps in the synthesis of hormons . Examples glycoprotein is used in the systhesis of thyroxin

7. Give two uses of zinc

ans. it is used as galvanizing agent.  2. it is used for the extraction of silver or gold.

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