Grade 12 exam question paper Computer science 2078

These Are the Question papers from the NEB 2078(2021) Exam the Subject code of computer Science is 230’E’ The total mark is 75 and the pass mark is 27 and this Question paper.  There are the most asked Questions on this Paper so prepare or test yourself. From our website Meropaper, you can download All the Question papers for all year 2060 to 2078.


Grade 12 exam Question paper 2078
Question paper 2078
  1. a)Describe the Switch statement with an example. (5)
  2. b)Demonstrate the FOR loop with an example.  (5)
  3. What is an array? Write a program to input any 10 numbers in an array and display it. (4+6)
  4. Define ‘Function’ in C. Write a program to calculate the factorial of a given number using function.
  5. Why do you use structure? Write a program to input a teacher id, name address, and subject of 10 teachers and display them properly using structure. (2+8)
  6. What is a pointer? write a program to enter the name, mobile, and post of the employee and write it in the file” worder.dat” in the c program.

Group B

Attempt any Seven Questions. 7*5=35

  1. 6) Write a short description of common phases of SDLC. (5)
  2. Explain the different types of integrity constraints in DBMS. (5)
  3. Explain the Entities Relation Diagram with Real Example. (5)
  4. Compare the Coaxial, UTP, and optical cable. (5)
  5. Describe an OSI Reference model. (5)
  6. What are the logical operators in C ? Explain with an example. (5)
  7. Describe the object-oriented concept in programming. (5)
  8. Explain the Artificial intelligence and its applications. (5)
  9. How do you protect yourself from cybercrime? Suggest. (2.5+2.5)
  10. Write Short notes on:

a)E-Governance b)Data security

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