Database Management System | Computer XI

Database Management System | Computer XI


Data : It is raw fact and figure about person , place , event or thing which can be recorded in computer in the form of number , text , pictures , audio , video etc. Example Meropaper , 30 , hello world etc.

Information : It is the processed value which we get after processing by the computer . Example : I am 14 years old,I am a student etc.

Database : It is the well defined collection of data . Example : telephone directory , dictionary etc.

DBMS(Database Management System) : It is the collection of program that enables users to create and maintain database . Example : Ms. Access , Oracle , FoxPro etc.

Objectives of DBMS :

(i) To provide storage area for mass amount of relevant data .

(ii) To make access to the data easy for the end user.

(iii) To eliminate data redundancy .

(iv) To allow the growth of database .

(v) Protecting data against unauthorized access.

Advantages of DBMS :

(i) To make easy to add new data , modify the database and delete existing data .

(ii) Organize the data in proper sequence .

(iii) Eliminate the data redundancy of data.

(iv) Protecting data against unauthorized access .

(v) Allow the growth of database system .

Disadvantages of DBMS :

(i) Cost of purchasing a developing software .

(ii) Chances of losing data  .

(iii) Chances of data leakage and hacking .

(iv) Cost of sharing data .

(v) Requires trained manpower .

RDBMS( Relational Database Management System ) :

The DBMS which is used to manage and manipulate the data in relational database model is called RDBMS . It is reducing data redundancy . Example : SQL Server , Oracle etc.

Advantages :

  • Support for very large database .
  • It is very useful in data redundancy .
  • Automatic optimization of searching .
  • Uniform security and privacy enough password .
  • View and automatic backup .

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