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Compulsory English Grade XI | Question Paper 2072

Compulsory English Grade XI | Question Paper 2072


2072 (2015)

Compulsory English

For Regular Student

Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Time : 3 hrs.                                                                                                                                      Full Marks:- 100

Pass Marks:- 35

Attempt all the questions

  1. a. Arrange the following words in alphabetical order: 3

cereal, celery, cease, cerise, celsius, cello

b. Choose the correct word from the brackets: 2

i. Do you ……………… as a lawyer ? (practice/practice)

ii. He went to the store to purchase ………………. (stationary/stationery)

2. a. Rewrite the sentences using the correct tense of the verbs in brackets. 3

i. They …………… to the movies last night. (go)

ii. When I ……….. to college, I saw an accident. (go)

iii. Most people ………… to lead a peaceful life. (want)

iv. I’m sure I ……………. her before. (meet)

e. If I saw him, I ………….. him a present. (give)

f. I was working in my garden when he …………… (come) home.

b. Write antonyms for the following words: 2

Happy, slow, irregular, bright

3. Write your experience about your college life. 5

4. Attempt any two of the following questions: 2X10=20

a. How was Phoenix Jacksons journey to the town? Discuss.

b. Malini is a play of ‘love and hatred’. Explain this statement in the context of the play Malini. Write how Malini shows her greatness at the end of the play.

c. Describe the situation of Roberto Soto’s family after the death of Maria del Carmen.

5. Answer any three of the following questions: 3X5=15

a. Summarize the poem My Heart Leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky. (My Heart Leaps up……..)

b. Why was the doctor tired? What was he doing when a girl knocked at the door? (The House Call)

c. What does ” The Nightmare Life Without Fuel” tell us ? (Nightmare Life…………)

d. Write with clear explanation ‘Who the gardener could be’.

6. Read the following passage and answer the questions below: 5X2=10

A heavy load of wine barrels made it difficult for the lorry to climb the hill. Near the top, the driver had to stop suddenly to avoid hitting a log which was lying in the middle of the road. Immediately there was a loud crash from behind. The driver looked out of the window and noticed that one of the barrels had slid off the back. As there was no hope of getting it back now, the man drove away. Meanwhile, the barrel was traveling at full speed down the hill. It narrowly missed a lamp post and then it changed direction and struck a tree with great force. The noise woke up an old beggar who was sleeping by the roadside. He jumped up with a shock and it nearly broke his heart when he realized what had happened. The wine barrel had slipt open and stream of good red wine was flowing past him into a field.


a. What was the lorry carrying?

b. Why did the driver stop all of a sudden?

c. What slid off the lorry at the moment?

d. Where did the barrel roll? What did it hit?

e. What woke up the beggar sleeping by the roadside?

7. Attempt any two of the following questions: 2X10=20

(Don’t mention your name, school’s name and address. Write ABC in the place of your name and address)

  1. Write a newspaper article in about 200 words about rising market price.
  2. Write a description of the picnic you have recently enjoyed.
  3. Write a letter to your friend in America about the major problems your country is facing at present.


8. Fill up the gaps in the sentences below with suitable preposition : 5

a. She studied in America …………… to years.

b. We are talking ………………. politics.

c. Don’t leave your glass ……………..the floor.

d. He is still ………………………. college.

e. These days he goes ……………………… university.

9. Write a conversation similar to the example given below:                                                         5

A: Where do you work?

B: I work in the library.

C: Oh, so you are a librarian.

D: No, I’m a book-checker.


a. College | principle | lecturer

b. Police station | policeman | secretary

10. Rewrite the following sentences using ‘too’ 5


I am very busy today.

I can’t come to your office.

I am too busy to come to your office today.

a. You could never wear those trousers in winter. They are too thin.

b. We couldn’t see through the windows. They were dirty.

c. Don’t eat that food. It’s stale.

d. The stream was too wide. You can jump across it.

e. He spoke very fast. I couldn’t understand him.

11. Use the prompts below to have conversations as in the example. 5


     breakfast.    A: I had boiled egg for breakfast

B: So did I

C: I had one too

a. this evening

b. my dog

c. three times a day

d. a party

e. modern jazz

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