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Summary |The heritage of words|lamentation of old peniosioner

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The Lamentation Of Old Prisoner   The title suggests that the poet is a Pensioner. It means he must be very old and is living a retired life. He says whenever he is caught in rain he takes shelter under a broken tree. The broken tree can not protect him from the rain. Here, one … Read moreSummary |The heritage of words|lamentation of old peniosioner

Summarize the poem ” on the vanity of Earthly Greatness”

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Question : Summarize the poem “on the vanity of Earthy Greatness” Ans. Everybody becomes great in her time and situation but later on he/she becomes helpless and value less. all reputation and achievements will be dismissed quickly. so it is useless to take pride in one’s power as everything decays and fades away in due … Read moreSummarize the poem ” on the vanity of Earthly Greatness”

Critics of Robbins Definiton

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Incomplete Definiton Robbins Definition of Economic Considered as a Scientific Definition which takes long period. How ever It may not Relief From Criticism. Robbins Definition has been Criticised on the Following Grounds. This Definition of economics has given on necessary emphasis on scarcity and choice problem but critics view that economic problem also arise from … Read moreCritics of Robbins Definiton