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Beowulf – Literature | Major English

Beowulf – Literature | Major English

Beowulf – Literature | Major English | Major English | Grade XI


Beowulf is the first poem in English Literature. It is the epic poem with 3000 lines. Originally it was written in Old English. It contains a story about a brave and courageous person named Beowulf. There is king named Hrothgar in Danes. He has a problem that a terrible monster. Grendel visits his hall and kill his men. Beowulf goes there to help from greatland in Sweden. He fights with monster and pulls its arm off.the monster manages to go in to the Lake but dies there. Then Grendel’s mother comes to revenge. Beowulf goes into the bottom of the Lake and kills her too.

He serves his people as a king. Once he has to fight with a fire breathing creature to saves his people. He kills the dragon but he is seriously wounded he himself dies in the last. He is buried under a great pile of earth.

Morality Play

Morality play is a form of drama that flourished in the 1400’s. The morality play developed form the mystery play. The mystery play is about the Biblical events. The main subject of the morality play is the struggle between good and evil. The characters in this plays are not the people. They were virtues such as truth. Beauty or bad qualities such as greed. Revenge which walk and talk. The plays present moral truths in a new and effective way.

One of the best-known 15th century morality plays is every man. It was translated from the dutch. It is the story of the end of everyman life. When every man has to face death. All his friends relatives leave him. Only good deeds go with him to face death.

One Important Question and Answer for Every Man’s Knowledge

  1. The question is ‘What do women Love Most?’ An ugly old witch know the answer?

Ans: The answer is ‘To Rule’  she agrees to tell him if he marriage her, at last he agrees and she becomes young and beautiful again at the marriage.



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