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BBS tribhuvan univeristy question paper 2070 economics

BBS tribhuvan univeristy question paper 2070 economics

Tribhuvan university BBS exam Question paper of 2070

Business economics and business Analysis

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks

Attempt any EIGHT questions.

1. Define macroeconomics. Discuss the different types of macroeconomics.
2. Discuss the major differences between cardinal and ordinal utility analysis.
3. Show the relationship between average revenue curve and marginal revenue curve under perfect competition.
4. Bring out the difference between total product, average product and marginal product.
5. Explain the concept of price discrimination.
6. Describe the dynamic changes that generates profit.
7. What is national income? Compute National income with the help of product approach.
8. “The size of the multiplier varies directly with the size of marginal propensity to consume.” Explain.
9. Explain the recession phase of trade cycle.
10. What is fiscal policy? Describe the role of fiscal policy in underdeveloped countries.

Group “B” – Comprehensive Answer Questions: [20]
Attempt any ONE question.

11. Define consumer’s equilibrium. Explain with the help of indifference curve technique how a consumer attains equilibrium.
12. Critically examine the classical theory of employment.


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