Application area of computer | computer XI

Application areas of Computer :

Computer has affected the life of people in every field . Computer are used in each and every field . Some of the application field are listed below :

(i) Computer in office

(ii) Computer in desktop publishing system

(iii) Computer in book publication

(iv) Computer in multimedia

(v) Computer in communication

(vi) Computer in education

(vii) Computer in bank

Computer in Office :

Computers are use to prepare , store  and retrieve data as electronic files . They are also use to handle correspondence and office communication . They are use to facilitate administrative work and prepare papers as well.

Computer in Desktop Publishing System :

Nowadays , all magazine newspaper , books are produce using computer . Modern DTP software makes it easy to apply style , layout , text and graphics .

Computer in Book publication :

The menu scripts of book are now prepare using computer . Nowadays, sketches , illustration , diagram are also prepare using computer.

Computer in multimedia :

Audio or video composition and editing are much easier by using computers . Anybody owning a computer can now enter the field of media production . Special effects in science fiction and action movies are created using computers .

Computer in communication :

Computers are extensively use in sending and receiving information . Data communication package are available to send and receive information . Different communication services such as email , chatting , video conferencing are possible due to computers.

Computer in education :

In the educational institution , computer are use as teaching AID , information resources and computing are research tool . The computer also use for library system , research mode , result system etc.

Computer in bank :

All financial transactions in banks and financial institutions are done by computer software . They provide security , speed and convenience . Different branches are connect with the help of computer network , one can withdraw and deposit money from any branch system .

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