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The Novels of The 18th Century

18th century english literature summary

18th century english literature summary

The English novel started to appear in the middle of the 18th century. The first real novel which appeared 1740 was ‘Pamela’ by Samnel Richardson. It is about the human feeling and human character. It is a simple story of a girl who receive the reward virtue. Clarissa is her another novel. Clarissa is a beautiful girl. Her father wants Joseph and news by Henry Fielding as a satire on the novel Pamels – one of the famous novel writer of the 18th century was Lawrence Sterne. His famous novel is Humphrey Clinker. The vicar ‘wake field’ by Oliver Goldsmith is best on the story of a good and virtues story. They fae great misfortunes but everything become good in the end. Horace walpole’s the castle of otranto is a novel of terror. Mrs. Ann Radcliffe wrote the mysteries of Udolpho which is about the girl called Emily. She is held in a castle by her aunt’s husband.

Short Notes

Jonathan Swift and Gulliver’s Travels:

He was famous for his satirical prose works. His “The Battle of Books”, “Tale of a Tub” are about the support to the ancients and attack on religious ideas. ‘A Modest Proposal’ is a bitter satirical essay. It contains the suggestions that the poor should sell their children to the rich as food. His Gulliver’s Travels is in four books. The first two books are popular among young people. It describes Gulliver’s voyages to Lilliput and Brodingnag. The people of the island Lilliput are dwarfs about six inches high. Everything is small size there. But in Brodingnag, there are large and tall peole. The Lilliputians fight wars which seems foolish. The king of Brodingnag thinks that people of Gulliver’s most be the most hateful creatures on the earth. It is a satire on man and his organizations. The little size of Lilliputians and their proud are ridiculous.

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